Thursday, May 12, 2016

APC UK supports PMB’s demand for return of stolen funds

At an anti-corruption summit in London yesterday, President Muhammadu Buhari revealed that he was not interested in an apology from the Prime Minister who made a comment that Nigeria was “fantastically corrupt” to the Queen yesterday.


APC UK supports President Buhari’s call for the British PM to facilitate the return of stolen money and assets stashed in the UK. 

We understand that the UK is becoming an environment where looters come to hide / invest their stolen wealth. We join President Buhari in demanding for the “establishment of an anti-corruption infrastructure that will trace and return stolen assets to their countries of origin.” The UK must introduce retrospective legislation that would address impunity and help to repatriate funds that were stored up here by corrupt officials and businesses. Over $ 400 billion have been stolen from oil resource; we call for all this monies hidden in offshore accounts to be returned back to Nigeria. The President is doing a good job in his fight against corruption and the UK government has a responsibility to ensure it does not allow corrupt officials to hide their loots here.