Thursday, February 4, 2016

Supreme Court has murdered democracy in Nigeria

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Supreme Court has murdered democracy in Nigeria. They have obviously told Nigerians that the only way to win election in Nigeria is to carry arm, bribe the Judiciary and ignore the electorates. Nobody can believe in Nigeria again. The fight against corruption is a charade.

Democracy is gone. If there will be election in 2019, Politicians would be advised  never to bother about campaigning rather use their money to buy caskets, machetes and gun to harass voters, give a number of votes to themselves and keep money to bribe the  Judiciary.

This is the case of Abia State which the Supreme Court upheld. About 80 percent of electorates in Abia State voted for APGA and all of a sudden, the criminals in PDP cooked a number of votes from three local governments and intimidated INEC to accept the result and dclare the wrong person the winner.

Instead of looking into the matter very well as an independent body, what the Judiciary at the apex level did was to give judgement without reason. How did they came to conclusion was not clearly defined. Perhaps, it was a judgement for the highest bidder.

No matter what reason they have for this judgement, what they have only succeeded in doing was telling Nigerians that who ever that is going into politics should not bother about campaigning, rather hire thugs, buy arms and keep enough money to buy the judiciary.