Friday, August 28, 2015

How to win war against insurgency in Nigeria

It is no more news that the insurgents have been waging serious war against our nation Nigeria. The militants in the South and Boko Haram in the north had been a problem to the nation since the return of democracy to the Country in 1999. We acknowledge the fact that the various administrations had made effort to overcome insurgency at all levels.

Also, the prevailing war against insurgency by the President Mohammadu Buhari administration would be seen as a commendable effort to return peace to all nooks and crannies of the nation. However, a million Dollar question would be begging for answer in this war against insurgency. The first question is will this war be won by Nigeria? second, who are these insurgents? thirdly, what should we do in order to overcome the spate of insurgency in Nigeria?

These questions are very simple and the answers are solutions to the problem of insurgency in the Country. The war against insurgency will definitely be a huge success  if the right things would be done. The right things would be to identify the insurgents. Who they are, why they decided to fight against the constituted authority and what should be done to discourage the insurgency in Nigeria.

The insurgents are not from the moon or any other part of the world. They are Nigerians in all ramifications and they live with us in Nigeria. One common thing about the insurgents is that they are mostly citizens who are not happy with the system. They are people who are deprived in one way or the other and they took to arm in other to convey their grievance to the system.

My study of causes of kidnapping by people of Ukwa and Ngwa in Abia State exposed much facts about the people behind the crime and why they engaged in it. For example, in Owaza, Ukwa West LGA the boys took to arm in the first place when their traditional rulers were depriving them of the benefits of oil production in their land. The traditional rulers would collect money from oil companies on behalf of everybody in the community and they will use the money, leaving other members of the community to suffer.

In Obingwa LGA, the boys took to arm when the place was abandoned by the government. They had no functional school, hospital, industry and other things that would help them live better. Idle man is the devil's workshop. Again, instead of the government to provide these things that are not available in the place, they equip these boys with arms and give them a stipend to kill, maim and kidnap their political opponents in order to scare them out of the state.

Recently, my study of some northern States showed that most Fulani people who live in various forests are left without amenities that would make them have a sense of belonging in the Country. Even in the Federal Capital Territory, you would see a high level of affluence in the Abuja Municipal Area, but when when you get to the suburbs, you will understand the meaning of poverty and other means suffering by the rural dwellers. These Fulanis leave in the forest without water, electricity, hospitals and other things that would make their lives better. When they come out of the bush, they would see people living in affluence. They are abandoned and left to live naturally.

Amidst these suffering and poverty, they are armed by politicians to come out and perpetuate evil again humanity. Note that these people are very close to nature and natural law is a survival of the fittest. They would come out and kill others in order to satisfy the politicians who armed them and give them stipends for the assignments. These insurgents are Nigerians who can change with good orientation and better environment. Though there pathological criminals among the people, but the law is supreme in all cases.

In order to win the war against insurgency in Nigeria, the government should look into the life of those living in rural areas and forests. Provide them with amenities that would make their lives better. Those Fulanis living in the forests should be given better environments, good schools, hospitals, electricity, markets and other things that would make them enjoy like other Nigerians. Development agents should be attracted to rural areas to help in bringing the rural dwellers from the influence of nature. The only difference between man and other animals is socialization. When these means of socialization are provided in rural areas and forests, the dwellers in these places would begin to grasp the realities human existence.

Again, cost of governance should be reduced and proceeds from the low cost of governanceshould be put into rural areas.

The war against corruption will also help in checking insurgency in Nigeria because corrupt politicians are behind all levels of insurgency in Nigeria. Anybody found to be corrupt should immediately be brought to book. The Judiciary should be checked because these criminals would hire good lawyers who will use  their knowledge of the law to free the corrupt politicians from the grip of the law.

We can start immediately by ensuring that those that stole mandates of the masses are brought to book irrespective of the influence of their lawyers. It is the responsibility of all to help government in this fight against insurgency and corruption in Nigeria. Join the war against corruption in Nigeria.