Tuesday, May 26, 2015


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It is very disheartening to read about politics, schisms, polarization and avarice in Christian Churches these days. My heart always bleed when I hear about Christian brothers fighting for positions in the Church, let alone when Priests who are supposed to represent the image of Christ engage in prolonged battle just for one position or the other.

What is happening in Assemblies of God Church is very condemnable. The prevailing situation where the erstwhile General Superintendent of the Church and his deputy engaged in a lingering metaphorical fisticuffs gives cause for all that profess Christ to ponder about.

Why should there be conflict in the Church. We believe that conflict which is an open clash between two opposing groups is caused by Satan. As a result, cannot be obtainable in Christ. Ordinarily, conflict is inevitable in any human organization, but it can be functional or dysfunction in the organization depending on how it was managed. It can be functional when the groups involved understand the point of misunderstanding and reach an understanding from there. But when every party involved seemed biased and fail to understand each other, the conflict will be dysfunctional.

This later was the case of the conflict in Assemblies of God. Both Emeka and Okoroafor's groups seem not to be interested in understanding each other and embrace peace. Instead, they want to defeat each other. What a shame.

If you go into the social media and read the type of messages that supporter of these Church leaders disseminate against each other, you will be convinced that there is no difference between the Church and the world or political parties.

Why are they actually fighting against each other? This is a question I will never seize to ask at any time. But the answer is not far from money. Assemblies of God Church like any other Pentecostal church in Nigeria have commercialized the system. What is done now is to sell the gospel; nobody is interested in doing the work of God like the early Apostles. Nobody is interested in bearing the cross like Jesus Christ did. Nobody is interested in loving one another as enjoined by Christ. That is why they have been fighting against each other and from there, having element of lies in whatever they say in order to prove a point.

I believe that God will not be happy with both Chidi Okoroafor and Paul Emeka for allowing Satan to enter into the Church that bears the name of God. They need repentance. They need to confess to God like David and relinquish every position they occupy in the Church. Even other Pastors that joined in the quagmire should relinquish their positions and ask God for forgiveness.

Assemblies of God Church and other Pentecostal Churches should De-emphasize money but go about the great commission. Preach the gospel and feed the flock. This is the only thing that will save Nigeria.