Thursday, April 23, 2015


Abia state governor, Mr. Theodore Ahamefula Orji has reduced the State to a hideout of criminals where you will only be relevant if you have the ability to inflict pains on others and perpetuate core crimes. He has reduced the state to a laughing stock in the committee of states. Your membership of Abia State can deny you good position in reasonable organizations, considering what has been happening in the state from the inception of Orji’s administration.
It started with an unprecedented level of kidnapping that took place in the state when T. A. Orji came into Office. At that period of the reign of kidnappers, most Ukwa-Ngwa families assumed that kidnapping was a genuine business and they were paying money to be recruited as kidnappers. As a result of that level of kidnapping in the state, many businesses closed shop and professionals as well as well- to- do people relocated to better places. Many people had been rendered jobless as a result of the relocation of businesses from the state.
By the grace of God, the military intervened and checked the activities of the criminals. People managed to live in the state, even though nothing seemed to working. It is no gain going to mention the level of the deplorable condition of the state.  The heartbreaking aspect of this reign of horror in Abia State was that the people have been beclouded by the primitive nature they were rescinded to that they could not keep abreast with the prevailing global trend of development.
Every meaning Abian had heaved a sigh of relief that the tenure of Orji was coming to an end and that a new administration would come at least to attract the face of God to Abia that was hitherto known as God’s own state.  But the joy of the people has been cut short with what is happening now that they want to elect a new governor to administer the state.
Governor T. A. Orji wants to destroy the state in his bid to enforce a candidate on the state. On Saturday, April 11, 2015 when the governorship election took place in the state like any other state in Nigeria, governor Orji and his collaborators went to INEC headquarters in Umuahia and intimidated the Resident Electoral Commissioner to accept a result that was falsified.  Falsified! You may ask. Yes, falsified. I am saying without mincing words. The Transition Committee Chairman of the Local Government (Obingwa) where the result came from was arrested on the Election Day by the military for being in position of electoral materials and gun. He was held at Ogbor Hill water Side Bridge and everybody gathered to watch him being held by the military at 5pm on the Election Day. After doing what he did, the military left him with those INEC electoral materials which he used in forging the result that was submitted to INEC. When INEC rejected the result, the governor and his cohorts went and intimidated and forcing them to accept the result.
As if the act was not enough to incur the wrath of God, this same governor equipped Ngwa people with gun and machete to keep harassing people to support the candidate of his choice. Ngwa people have been brandishing these weapons of destruction in the streets of Aba, threatening hell if the people fail to vote an Ngwa man who is the governor’s candidate in the supplementary election that will take place on Saturday, April 25, 2015. 
This morning, the people have been placing caskets in all nooks and crannies of Aba, threatening that anybody that fails to vote for PDP will die.

Why carrying caskets, why should the people see governorship as a do or die affair and why should the governor support all these criminalities in his state?  Again why can’t the people think of the implication of all these things happening now? Even the person contesting, why can’t he think about the consequence of all these things on the state after the election? God is watching Abia State.