Monday, June 2, 2014

INEC and the charade of Voter's registration

Why are we finding it difficult to get everything right in Nigeria.? Why is it difficult for the Independent  National Electoral Commission to produce the voter's card? Or could it be said that they are planning this sham called issuance of voter's card to prepare the electoral body towards smooth rigging of election in 2015.

So far, the voter's registration exercise had succeeded in making the move towards defranchising  many Nigerians by denying them the voter's card. 

In 2011, many Nigerians came out to participate in the voters registration exercise in which they were given temporary voter's card. During the validation of the exercise, it was discovered that most of the people that got registered could not find their names in the register. However, the situation became worse during the election period as most of the people could not exercise their franchise as their names were missing from the available data. Finally, INEC managed to do what they called election no matter the imperfection of the exercise.

Most of the people that managed to register during the last voter's registration exercise held the temporary cards tenaciously pending the production of permanent card. Unfortunately, the recent issuance of permanent card has proved to be a charade, legalizing the illegality in the INEC. Those that had their card ran to the designated places for the issuance of the permanent voter's card only to be told that their names were not found. 

The inept staff of INEC were busy turning around the desperate people seeking to receiving their voter's card. At the end, only about 20 per cent of the people that registered could find their permanent voter's card. The question now is, what happened to cards of the 80 per cent that are facing the threat of disfranchisement? Could it be that three years was not enough for the people to collate the data and come up with valid, permanent voter's card for qualified Nigerians. If the work force is not enough to prepare the necessary documents, why cant INEC employ the teeming graduates in Nigeria to help them get it right for once.