Thursday, February 27, 2014

Why should Nigerians Suffer this way?

Why should Nigerians suffer, is it an offense for Nigerians to have democratically elected government? There are many questions and more that need to be asked pertaining to the prevailing suffering and pitiable condition of living in Nigeria. This question may not be asked by the bourgeoisie and politicians in the country, but every common man in the street of Nigeria has reason to cry to God asking more questions than the ones I am presenting at the moment.

Kerosine is a petroleum product that an ordinary Nigerian cannot afford to ignore. You must use kerosine to burn your lantern and cook your food in Nigeria. It is obvious that depending on electric power is like mentioning an impossibility. Despite what the government is claiming about working towards constant power supply, not every Nigeria can have access to electric power ones and twice every week. Therefore, for one to illuminate your house, you must resort to kerosine or use of generator. And compulsorily, pay for the electric power supply that you never enjoyed. So kerosine is the major source light for a common man in Nigeria.

Nigerian government cannot claim ignorance of this fact, that is why they claim to be subsidizing the cost of the petroleum product.  subsidizing? yes, that is their claim, but this different from the reality. The reality is that this product is sold at exorbitant price beyond the income of every common Nigerian. Go to any filling station in Nigeria, you will observe that kerosine is sold at N150 or more per liter. Even at that high price, the product is always scarce.

Now fuel which another important petroleum product in Nigeria has become another source of headache to Nigerians. We use fuel to energize our power generators which is a major source of power supply in the country. Commercial vehicles also fix their prices based on the cost of fuel and bad roads in the country.  The product is very relevant to the existence of the common man in the country.

Before now, this fuel product was sold at affordable price to the common man. But when the Country introduced democracy like other nations in the world, price of this common product started soaring. It went high from N50 to N97 per liter. Now, the product has gone higher to N130 per liter where it available. As a result of this high price, motorists have increased the cost of their services adding to the suffering of the common man.

Most common people do not have source of income, and those who have, get less than enough to sustain their families. Workers are barely paid salaries that would sustain them for about a week or two, and before the end of the month, every worker's account is in the red.

In the midst of this hardship in the Country, the only people that are still living in affluence are politicians, especially those at the corridor of power. They earn good salaries, appropriate all available resources to themselves and their loved ones. Not only that those in government live at the expense of the  common man, they initiate obnoxious policies to the detriment of the common man. Nigerian government is not sensitive to the plight of the common man. They politicize every thing, like mediocre, blaming other people for the hardship of the masses.

If this is not true, why has the government been adamant to  rising cost of petroleum products? Why is it difficult for the power companies to render give constant power supply to Nigerians? Why do we have general hardship all over the country? I am not talking about security, decay of infrastructures and other evidences of maladministration in Nigeria. I am not talking about the federal government alone, all stat governments are guilty of this abysmal failure administration. It is time to answer the questions or give up power for more competent people or alternative government.