Thursday, November 3, 2011

Restructure Nigeria to avoid disintegration —Olaniwun Ajayi warns Jonathan

AN Afenifere chieftain, Sir Olaniwun Ajayi, has asked President Goodluck Jonathan to commence the process of restructuring Nigeria to avoid national disintegration.
Sir Ajayi, a disciple of the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, said this at the presentation of  two books, entitled: “Lest we forget,” his autobiography and  “Isara Afotamodi: My Jerusalem” in Lagos on Wednesday.
Ajayi, who lamented the present state of insecurity in the country, questioned the capacity of the president to protect the people, stating that the recent action of the Federal Government to celebrate the 51st Independence anniversary of the country inside Aso Rock was unbefitting.
He said, “the president’s argument that he could not save himself because he was not an army general in the face of some cruel goliaths in some nooks and corners in the land, in my considered view, is that President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan portrays the image of a weak leader and so his fitness and suitability for the office of president come into question.
“For our 51st independence year celebration, our president could not keep a date with the land, rather, he and his officials, in apparent humiliating protection of their lives, ran away from the usual venue of such occasion, that is to say in time of crisis, our government cannot guarantee safety for our people,” Ajayi said.
According to him, the present system has, since independence, created room for disaffection, tension, genuine anger, unending conflict and political instability.
He explained that out of the 14 persons, including Jonathan, who had been at the helm of affairs of the country, none had been able to solve the intractable problems of the country.
The astute politician called on President Jonathan to emancipate the country from conflicting ideological configurations that had been unleashed on the innocent and good people of the country, stating that any delay to act now might lead the country into disintegration.
He further said, “the power that be, over the years, has been sweeping under the carpet, for the benefit of a very few, the question of restructuring this multinational and multicultural nation. These are the few terrorising goliaths who have no foreheads. They are like a dead cat in the midst of active scampering mice. If there is any more undue delay in restructuring the country, then the inevitable consequence is that this nation will follow the unpleasant example of Yugoslavia, which fell into pieces in 1990 and former Soviet Union, which ceased to exist in 1991 as a result of ethnic tension, anger and disaffection.”