Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nigerian, Onyenaychi jailed for life in Britain

A Nigerian, John Onyenaychi, described as “one of Britain’s most dangerous men,” has been jailed for life in Britain for trying to kill two police officers.
Onyenaychi, said to have committed violent offences since the age of 12, was out on licence from a two-year prison sentence for causing death by dangerous driving while high on drugs.
Onyenaychi, who was sentenced on Tuesday, according to Daily Mail, slashed a police officer, Paul Madden’s throat with a Stanley knife, in front of  commuters near a bus stop.
He reportedly lashed out at other officers and shouted: “Let me finish him off.”
The officer, 23, already over-powered by Onye-naychi, reportedly collapsed with wounds to his neck, throat and face and would have died within three minutes through blood loss, but for retired heart surgeon, Samad Tadjkarimi, 65, who rescued him.
The presiding judge, Peter Beaumont, gave him two life sentences and ordered him to serve a minimum of 25 years after a nine-day trial at the Old Bailey.