Friday, October 14, 2011

Aba Electronic dealers offers N150million bribe to remain in Pound road

Aba, Abia State electronic dealers have offered N150million bribe to Abia State government agency that is responsible for the demolition of illegal structures and abolition of street trading in Aba and Umuahia.

Rumour making round the commercial nerve centre of Abia State is that the electronic dealers offered the money for the state government to allow them to continue occupying the Pound road and Park road axis where they are presently doing their business.

The Nigerian Post gathered that the money will be shared between the executive commissioners and the contractors involved in the demolition of illegal structures.

As a result of the bribe, the State government has allowed the traders to continue staying in the area while other traders were being chased out of major parts of the comercial town.

We also gathered that the previous government had allocated a land to the electronic dealers at Ogbor Hill axis and Port Harcourt road, but they insited on staying within the town for reasons best known to them.

Sources close to the traders alleged that the electronic dealers could pay any amount to remain in Pound road and Park road because some of the leaders had performed some rituals in the place that they may not be able to transfer the juju to any other market.

Our source has it that the traders are now making contributions for the bribe and the state government has given them a specific time to make the payment or they would be forced out of the Pound road axis.