Saturday, August 20, 2011

In suport of Abia governor

It is no news that Aba is the dirtiest city in the world. It is not equally news that government failed to look after the failed city for over a decade. What is news now is that the present government of Abia state has started the move of making the city habitable for decent people. When I visited the city recently, I discovered that the government is making effort in dismantling the illegal structures that deface the city. Also, that traders who hitherto behaved as if there was no government in the state, had been asked to go about their endeavor in accordance with the laws of the state.
Regrettably, the people seem not to understand what plans the government had for the betterment of the state. News making round the city is that the governor is dismantling illegal shops in the city as a punishment for not supporting him during the election.

I do not want to buy the peoples view in this respect. I believe that the demolition of those shops and relocation of those street traders are done for the interest of the masses and to save the city. Any person with good upbringing and orientation will understand that Aba people generally are the problem of the city. They converted every nook and cranny to market shops. Even the market places had been made unconducive .
I wish to use this medium to ask the government of Abia state never to relent in relocating the traders and demolition of those structures that make the city a place for the habitation of pigs.